Funny preacher, or inspirational comedian?

Hi everyone.  

Sorry for the delay in posting.  I’ve been working hard, getting lots of gigs, unfortunately very few of them paid.  

The good news is that I’m making lots of great contacts, and business is growing.  

One gig has opened a few doors.  I’ve been looping for a comedy show the Barkin’ Dog bar and grill in Modesto, and getting some exposure.  Even though there were only three or four paying customers last Thursday night, one of them may hire me for a gig in May that could open some more doors.  I don’t know where all of these doors may lead, but as long as God keeps opening them I guess I’ll keep going through.  

I do sort of feel like I’m living several lives at once, sometimes.  Integrating all of these various activities can be challenging.  For example, at the comedy show, I have been surprise how much stand-up comedy resembles preaching.  The question is, am I a really funny preacher or an inspiration comedian?  Maybe a bit of both.  

I’ve looped at the Queen Bean a few more times, and am getting some gear together to make my equipment safe, and improve my sound.  Basically, I have four regular gigs now, but none of them pay.  Two are basically open-mic gigs, and two are church-related:  one is the monthly jazz service at the 1st United Methodist Church, and the other is a Taize service at the College Avenue Congregation Church.  

And then there’s the occasional preaching opportunity as well, and sharing music on Sunday mornings as a guest musician.  I led the music at my home church last weekend, and wondered if a prophet would be welcome in his hometown – it worked out just fine (i.e., not one person threatened to throw me off a cliff).  

But amidst all of the work and development of this arts ministry business; amidst the fulfillment that comes from using the gifts God has given me; the most important part of my life remains a work in progress – being a husband and father to an incredible family.

My wife is doing incredible ministry – helping to start new churches and pastoring a congregation.  I’m so proud of her, even though between the two of us, our busy schedules sometimes make it hard to connect.  

And my boys have been struggling with behavior at school.  When my youngest was born so prematurely, I struggled with figuring out how to be a father to a baby in an incubator.  Now, I wonder how to be a father to my two boys who are both so gifted.  I think they get bored at school, and are both extremely competitive (I have no idea where they get that – oh, wait, from both of their parents, I guess.).  

Anyways, I’m just trying to be the best model I can be.  Simon has been trying to “get even” at school with people who he thinks have done him harm.  So, I sat him down and read the passage about when Jesus healed the ear of the slave who one of Jesus’ followers had struck with a sword.  The boys were both pretty attentive.  It’s hard to get through to them, when all of the shows they watch seem to be about retributive justice and getting revenge on “the bad guys.”  I think they got what I was trying to say.  Jesus didn’t come to beat the bad guys, but to save them with grace and forgiveness.  Sure, it’s good to be strong, but its better to be compassionate.


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    May 6, 2009 at 9:30 pm

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