Mother’s Day inkblot test

So, as one of my mother’s day gifts, I took the comforter from our bed into the cleaners.

Over a year ago, I was trying to get some work done late at night and I fell asleep in bed with a pen in my hand.  I woke up with blots of ink all over the comforter, my hand, my arm, and the sheet.  

Not necessarily a big deal, except that my wife had spent a lot of time picking out the comforter, pillows, and sheets for our bed, and we painted our bedroom to match.  It was practically brand new.  She went out of town for a few days to take a class, and when she returned and saw the stain, she burst into tears.  

Of course, I felt terrible.  So, after a year (I know, I know) I finally followed through and took the comforter to the cleaners as a mother’s day present this year (shhhh!  don’t tell her).  It remains to be seen whether they can get the ink stain out.  I’ll pick it up tomorrow (Monday) and see how it turned out.  It should be ready for her when she returns from her trip on Tuesday night.  

Speaking of ink (love that segue), I took an inkblot test on Facebook and the result was “perfectly sane.”  When I told my wife, she broke into a laugh and questioned the validity of the test.


2 Responses to “Mother’s Day inkblot test”

  1. May 13, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    Well? If your dry cleaners is like mine, you got one of those “Sorry, we couldn’t get your stain out” notes pinned to your otherwise-clean comforter. Here’s hoping you have better luck than I do…

  2. 2 ageingx
    May 13, 2009 at 10:43 pm

    Well, the stain is mostly gone. At least all of the puppy pee is washed out, though. (I think that’s why I finally broke down and decided to take it to the cleaners.) And my wife was very happy, regardless. They put it in a nice plastic cover so we can store it until the winter when it gets cold.

    Now, I just have to take all the pillows to the laundromat. They’ve been riding around in my car for a week now. I tried to go today, but forgot to bring the detergent with me!

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