Caverns, Craters, Critters and All Creation


Wilderness Shot

Wilderness Shot

So, our camping trip turned into more of an adventure than we anticipated. 

We’ve had the usual challenges of keeping two boys occupied in the back seat with activities other than fighting with one another.  On top of that, we’ve all been sick.

It started with our youngest, tummy ache, head ache, 102 fever.  So, our Shasta Lake stay included a trip to the urgent care in Redding.  Due to the wonders of modern medicine, we still managed to see Shasta Caverns.  We spent two days there in 100 degree heat, loving it.

Then Crater Lake for two days.  Wow!  It’s still my favorite body of water.  So blue.  Two days there fighting mosquitos and enjoying the scenery.  Then it was our oldest’s turn to get sick.  His neurology means he gets sick differently than the rest of us.  So, we were back to the urgent care in Portland after our drive up north.

My wife and I both got sick as well, so we decided to take it easy for an extra day at a hotel in Portland before going to visit family in Spokane.

Now, we’re getting ready to take off again for the next leg of our journey.  It’s funny that we’ve now ALL been sick as dogs, and our little doggie who is traveling with us is healthy as a human.  But its all good.

Rather than pushing too hard, sometimes its good to take a little mini-vaction inside your big vacation to rest and prepare for more vacationing. P1010002


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