Michael Carlson’s 40th Birthday Concert Extravaganza

Hi everyone.

Well, I’m not very good at blogging it appears.  It’s bee way too long since I posted.

However, I am becoming much better at shameless self-promotion, so please see the attached invitation to EVERYONE to attend my 40th birthday concert.  Yes, my wife is letting me throw a concert for my birthday. How cool is that?!? Come celebrate with me.  This whole post is one big, huge link to my myspace site with more info.

The concert is in Modesto at 1038 McHenry Avenue (ok, its at the First Christian Church).  September 11, 7pm, and will include Michael’s own original music from his CD “Fruit of the Vine”, amazing vocal renditions of pop-rock songs using vocal looping, and jazz standards sung by the ModesTones.

Click here (or anywhere else in this post) for Michael Carlson and TripleOhNine on myspace.

Michael Carlson's 40th Birthday Concert Extravaganza


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