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A Public Prayer for the Puppy’s Privates

So, we got our puppy Charlotte fixed last Monday, and our boys were pretty concerned for her.  Sunday morning during worship at church, Isaac asked for prayer:

“I’d like prayers for Charlotte, because she’s getting her uterus and her ovaries taken out tomorrow.  And we won’t be able to play with her for a couple weeks until she feels better, so we want to pray for her.”

There were some giggles and nervous titters in the congregation, but people are used to our boys saying interesting and precocious things in worship so no one was really offended (as far as we know).  Everyone understood how serious this was for Isaac, so they all said the response, “Hear our prayers, O God.”  

Later on that day, I explained to Simon that when you talk about what was happening to Charlotte, you usually just call it being “spayed.”  He replied through his teeth, “Well, you could have told me that on Saturday.”  

Now, Charlotte is wearing the “cone of shame.” (refer to the movie “Up” to understand this phrase)  It turned out that she had double ear infections, doggy conjunctivitis (pink eye), and they had to pull her last little baby tooth out while she was under sedation.  Needless to say, Charlotte is very high maintenance lately, needing lots of love and medicine.  

A few weeks ago, my younger son noticed that one of our babysitters’ dogs was wearing a cone.  When he told me about it in the evening, he leaned over to me, looked me straight in the eye, and said in a serious tone, “It’s because he got his beans taken out.”

So, for all the pets out there wearing “the cone of shame,” hear our prayer, O God.