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I went to see Star Trek and got Lost when I got there

I’m still loving being self-employed right now.  My eyes are going crossed from working on the computer so much lately, though.  

That’s why its good that I’m still getting out and performing, preaching and giving lessons.  

And, I’m trying to do some completely non-work related recreational activities as well.  And, if I want to go to a movie during the day I don’t feel to badly about it because I’m working a lot of nights and weekends.  

I went to see the new Star Trek movie, and I guess I’m more of a traditional Trekker than I thought I was.  It was a good movie, and sets it up to be different by altering the actual time line of the Trek universe.  How convenient for the writers and the “new direction” of the franchise.  Even so, it was an awesome movie and I enjoyed it a lot.  

And I’ve finally started to watch the series “Heroes.”  I’ve wanted to do that for a long time, and my wife finally put all of the DVD’s in the queue with our Blockbuster-by-mail memberhsip.  I’ve watched the first six DVD’s of the first season, with only one left.   I’ve been staying up until well past midnight to watch these shows on my laptop in my office.  

It’s starting to take a toll, both with my energy level and my mood.  When I get into a show, or a book, or a series of movies, sometimes I start to take them a bit too seriously.  Especially the dark ones.  And Heroes is really pretty dark.  It’s got a lot of messiah metaphors.  (It IS a superhero story, after all.)  And the relationships between the generations of the Heroes is really well-developed and pretty intense.  

So, since I’m self-employed I better limit my late-night viewing a bit and “get back to work,” lest I get lost in sci-fi land.