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Michael Carlson’s 40th Birthday Concert Extravaganza

Hi everyone.

Well, I’m not very good at blogging it appears.  It’s bee way too long since I posted.

However, I am becoming much better at shameless self-promotion, so please see the attached invitation to EVERYONE to attend my 40th birthday concert.  Yes, my wife is letting me throw a concert for my birthday. How cool is that?!? Come celebrate with me.  This whole post is one big, huge link to my myspace site with more info.

The concert is in Modesto at 1038 McHenry Avenue (ok, its at the First Christian Church).  September 11, 7pm, and will include Michael’s own original music from his CD “Fruit of the Vine”, amazing vocal renditions of pop-rock songs using vocal looping, and jazz standards sung by the ModesTones.

Click here (or anywhere else in this post) for Michael Carlson and TripleOhNine on myspace.

Michael Carlson's 40th Birthday Concert Extravaganza


Caverns, Craters, Critters and All Creation


Wilderness Shot

Wilderness Shot

So, our camping trip turned into more of an adventure than we anticipated. 

We’ve had the usual challenges of keeping two boys occupied in the back seat with activities other than fighting with one another.  On top of that, we’ve all been sick.

It started with our youngest, tummy ache, head ache, 102 fever.  So, our Shasta Lake stay included a trip to the urgent care in Redding.  Due to the wonders of modern medicine, we still managed to see Shasta Caverns.  We spent two days there in 100 degree heat, loving it.

Then Crater Lake for two days.  Wow!  It’s still my favorite body of water.  So blue.  Two days there fighting mosquitos and enjoying the scenery.  Then it was our oldest’s turn to get sick.  His neurology means he gets sick differently than the rest of us.  So, we were back to the urgent care in Portland after our drive up north.

My wife and I both got sick as well, so we decided to take it easy for an extra day at a hotel in Portland before going to visit family in Spokane.

Now, we’re getting ready to take off again for the next leg of our journey.  It’s funny that we’ve now ALL been sick as dogs, and our little doggie who is traveling with us is healthy as a human.  But its all good.

Rather than pushing too hard, sometimes its good to take a little mini-vaction inside your big vacation to rest and prepare for more vacationing. P1010002


I went to see Star Trek and got Lost when I got there

I’m still loving being self-employed right now.  My eyes are going crossed from working on the computer so much lately, though.  

That’s why its good that I’m still getting out and performing, preaching and giving lessons.  

And, I’m trying to do some completely non-work related recreational activities as well.  And, if I want to go to a movie during the day I don’t feel to badly about it because I’m working a lot of nights and weekends.  

I went to see the new Star Trek movie, and I guess I’m more of a traditional Trekker than I thought I was.  It was a good movie, and sets it up to be different by altering the actual time line of the Trek universe.  How convenient for the writers and the “new direction” of the franchise.  Even so, it was an awesome movie and I enjoyed it a lot.  

And I’ve finally started to watch the series “Heroes.”  I’ve wanted to do that for a long time, and my wife finally put all of the DVD’s in the queue with our Blockbuster-by-mail memberhsip.  I’ve watched the first six DVD’s of the first season, with only one left.   I’ve been staying up until well past midnight to watch these shows on my laptop in my office.  

It’s starting to take a toll, both with my energy level and my mood.  When I get into a show, or a book, or a series of movies, sometimes I start to take them a bit too seriously.  Especially the dark ones.  And Heroes is really pretty dark.  It’s got a lot of messiah metaphors.  (It IS a superhero story, after all.)  And the relationships between the generations of the Heroes is really well-developed and pretty intense.  

So, since I’m self-employed I better limit my late-night viewing a bit and “get back to work,” lest I get lost in sci-fi land.


A Public Prayer for the Puppy’s Privates

So, we got our puppy Charlotte fixed last Monday, and our boys were pretty concerned for her.  Sunday morning during worship at church, Isaac asked for prayer:

“I’d like prayers for Charlotte, because she’s getting her uterus and her ovaries taken out tomorrow.  And we won’t be able to play with her for a couple weeks until she feels better, so we want to pray for her.”

There were some giggles and nervous titters in the congregation, but people are used to our boys saying interesting and precocious things in worship so no one was really offended (as far as we know).  Everyone understood how serious this was for Isaac, so they all said the response, “Hear our prayers, O God.”  

Later on that day, I explained to Simon that when you talk about what was happening to Charlotte, you usually just call it being “spayed.”  He replied through his teeth, “Well, you could have told me that on Saturday.”  

Now, Charlotte is wearing the “cone of shame.” (refer to the movie “Up” to understand this phrase)  It turned out that she had double ear infections, doggy conjunctivitis (pink eye), and they had to pull her last little baby tooth out while she was under sedation.  Needless to say, Charlotte is very high maintenance lately, needing lots of love and medicine.  

A few weeks ago, my younger son noticed that one of our babysitters’ dogs was wearing a cone.  When he told me about it in the evening, he leaned over to me, looked me straight in the eye, and said in a serious tone, “It’s because he got his beans taken out.”

So, for all the pets out there wearing “the cone of shame,” hear our prayer, O God.


Hot Coffee, Cold Commentary

So I was getting some coffee at the Queen Bean, and a woman was complaining about the air conditioning not working. The barista said they got an HVAC unit that was too small, because the engineer didn’t take into account that the coffee-making equipment would heat the place up. (That seems like a no-brainer to me, but what do I know.)

The woman suggested that maybe they should do a benefit concert to buy a bigger air conditioning unit. I pointed to the wall and said, “Yeah, maybe after they cure breast cancer.”

There was a poster for a concert to benefit breast cancer research on the wall: “Rock for the Boobies. Don’t let cancer steal 2nd base!”


anger manglement, er, i mean management

Enough said.